The New Diaspora Era

(2012- present)

•New Hungarian National Policy- starting in 2010 (dual citizenship/simplified naturalization procedure)=new challenges and opportunities
•Hungarian Diaspora Council Membership in 2012, with participations in its programs (Julianus, KCSP, KMS,)
•Hungarian Heritage Award 2012
•Improved financial situation (grants and cost-containment)
•Enhanced supportive and charitable activity
•Back to Laurel Lodge in 2013
•Consular activities, citizenship ceremonies 2012/2013
•KCSP Intern and Carpathian scouts participation this year

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the MBK?
The MBK is an acronym for the Magyar Baráti Közösség. The English translation is Hungarian Communion of Friends. The MBK is an American-Hungarian society that promotes non-denominational religious life in the Hungarian tradition; Charitable work by and among people of Hungarian extraction; and Cultural-educational endeavors that further Hungarian values.
The Hungarian Communion of Friends (Magyar Baráti Közösség) is best known for its annual, week-long conference held at Lake Hope State Park in Ohio. Its publication entitled Itt-Ott (Here and There) provides a public forum for the discussion of questions related to Hungarians living outside the borders of Hungary. (Itt-Ott was established in 1967.) Most of the organization's members reside in the United States, but it also has significant support in Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Brazil, Argentina, and several European countries.
What kind of organization is the MBK?
The MBK is registered with the State of Oregon and is recognized by the United States Government as a tax-exempt religious, charitable and cultural organization.
What does Itt-Ott mean?
Itt-Ott means Here (and) there. It is the title of a Hungarian-language journal that we have been publishing since 1967. It is also the name of annual gathering hosted by the MBK at Lake Hope, Ohio. On this home page, it refers to the total content of the page.
The slogan Itt-Ott was paraphrased from the Hungarian poet Endre Ady's 1909 poem Miért is, miért is?
What is the ITT-OTT Conference?
For over forty years in addition to its intellectual programs, the conference offers an opportunity for families to vacation together. At Lake Hope we are all refreshed and filled anew with Hungarian spirit for another year.
What is the Conference’s daily schedule?
Mornings starts with educational, cultural and informative programs at the Lake Hope lodge.
After a shared lunch, activities continue at the Lake Hope beach, swimming, boating and opportunities for continuing informal discussions.
A typical evening program consist of artistic literary presentation, Hungarian films, live folk music and folk dance. After the evening program we continue to enjoy each other’s company, by gathering around the campfire to further discuss the daily events and singing folk songs.